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Thread: Did 6* need the stat buff in your opinion

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    My biggest issue with this is they did it prior to anyone having a full team of 5 t4 maxed 6er's. At t2 max we should not be destroying teams the way we were during war. This stat increase was very premature and their could not even be the proper data needed to back it up. Also lowering started AR was just dumb. Who cares did help ending AR being so high. And active skills have been a complete waste so far and need a true revamp. Shield Active skill, revivie active skill? Would be beter than what we have, no wasting time on Carl's joke of an active skill. They should start at 0/8 so if you dont level it 1 time you dont need to use it or worry about it.

  2. 10-17-2017, 07:34 PM

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    It's completely irrational to take a game with over 100 great toons you can make teams with and within a couple weeks make it to where only 10 toons in the entire game are even worth using. This was a move for money on scopely's part and it completely screwed everyone who ever spent for a 5*. I have been playing for 2 years and am prestige 13, so you can imagine I have a large roster that is now completely worthless thanks to this. Thanks Scopley!!!

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