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    If it drops during this event at all I'd put up solid cash that it's right after their coin sale banner ticks to 0.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lewin View Post
    Too late already, it's after noon on a Friday, they all been gone for hours, no way they are going to respond.
    They are busy sniffing coke they bought with everyone's money off each other's cocks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GigaBoss *Scopely* View Post
    Update: Wednesday the 16th at 12:40 PST
    I don't like to pester and post to promote another thread. But an issue with the Telltale Tokens discovered day one has gone long enough unaddressed.

    Here's to hoping a direct quote might trip a notification and get attention to this asap.

    I'm only going to this length to get this investigated because such a good job was done by those involved looking into the errors with the "Collecting fighters" objective during Call to Arms. I know you guys can handle these things.

    Please and Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GigaBoss *Scopely* View Post
    Update: Wednesday the 16th at 12:40 PST

    Dude, its 7pm or beyond on the 23rd of May everywhere.
    Hell, its gone 7am on the 24th in many places.

    I still don't have all of my rewards.

    You guys need to get your fucking act together.

    How can you be so bad at issuing rewards properly when it is something you do multiple times every week?

    If we (the customers) were as bad at our jobs as you guys are we'd at best get fired and at worst get arrested.

    Let's be clear: I don't particularly care about the rewards in and of themselves, I care about you doing what you said you would do i.e.: your fucking job & duty.

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    Call to arms rewars still missing from lamar region

    Telltale tokens persona trainers elite char tokens rare gear set ultra rare gear set

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teufel View Post
    Recently Lee region took part in the Call to Arms event.* After completion,* I received the incorrect reward for the Day two Food Consumption.**the described reward for achieving the goal amount of 52B consumed food is "6x persona trainer set," which Lee region did.* However , I only received as a reward 1x persona trainer set. the Oxford English dictionary defines a "set" when used as a noun as it was in the reward description, as "a group of similar things that belong together in some way."*** So as you can clearly see, a set when used in the context of walking dead persona trainers refers to the entire group of 6 specific trainers.* Additionally,* "6x" refers to "six times," or "a multiple of six." Therefore, when using the phrase "6x persona trainer set" it is implied that 6 groups of the 6 trainer types will be rewarded.*** So, in closing, please issue me the remaining 5 sets of persona trainers.* Do not tell me you cannot as I know that you can.* My explanation here is clear enough for even my 3 year old daughter to understand.*** Thank you, watchout for walkers, and keep surviving.**
    As tuef just said you need to give us all the rewards we were advertised by you ..... i will take my 30 addition trainers anytime now

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