I think better war rewards would fix a lot war issues. My region has really long search times because there is no incentive to war. Top three factions (which i'm apart of) get the "free 5*" 99% of the time. I personally feel that rank 1-8 should be a guaranteed 5*. Not necessarily giving the top prize the "best reward". Placing a sought after character down the ranks would increase incentive to play and work together (and spend money). When Ben was rank 3 prize, factions that usually rank 4-8 put in extra effort to obtain such a strong toon. It was intense and a little nerve racking because it literally came down to the wire which made the war super fun! We didn't know who won until rewards were announced (yay for ben). That being said, I think that the 5* tokens are way overvalued by Scopley because it takes 4 to 10 wars to get a mediocre toon that doesn't compare to the toons that are being created now. IDK how obtainable 5*s will be with the new ascension stuff, but giving ppl a goal that they can reach will increase activity, fun, and spending. It will also provide a level of balance that would make the game a lot more fun! Just my two cents. I don't expect free stuff, but 20+ minute searches are unacceptable. #bringbackregionmerging