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    Heres my list of suggestions

    1.) Rewards for war - Everyplace should get a toon. So hook 20-50th place with a 3 star shield, a 3 star crit rush toon... etc. These guys need to level up and it will promote more competition. Start giving back to the lower fractions, because it isnt even fun playing against them and their Dr. Stevens lead so easy. Quit nerfing the 5 stars and start to go back and nerf the 4 and 3 stars.

    2.) Scavenger mission for parts. Add three levels, prestige 1 gives rolled steel, etc. Prestige 2 gives spray paint, etc. Prestige 3 gives duct tape, etc. Cool down times can be whatever you want.

    3.) Have a five star coin wheel. It doesn't have to have premier toons and it can cost as much as u want per pull, I'd do the same with four stars but add new premier four stars in the wheel and update it. Same goes with the three stars, have a three star wheel and make new premier 3 star toons.

    4.) Have fraction events with prizes people want. Seriously, most of the fractions aren't even trying on a lvl up or raid event for the prizes. the top 3 are just fighting for pride but they dont care about the prizes believe me.

    5.) Supply depot - Load that baby up with toons! I want a certain toon, but there is no way for me to get him until you put that toon up on the 2x chances.

    6.) SR road needs to be address, I've been getting the same prizes for the past two levels. Just put the rewards random. 5 slots and make it random

    Overall so far the theme has been about the carrot your leading these horses with. What motivates people? Rewards.

    7.) All tokens should be refundable for either other tokens, food, wood or supply points. You reach a point and basic tokens have no use.

    8.) Put one five star in the basic token wheel, have the odds at whatever. Best guy in that wheel is timothy and i'd venture to guess by the time someones finally pulls a timothy they supply depot him. My faction doesnt even use those tokens in lvl ups.

    9.) Gold Radios, bring them back. Have the final prize randomize for a beanie, jacket, walkie, etc. Right now bronze and silver walkies arent even worth the time to half the fractions.

    10.) Remove Burt from the elite item token wheel. That is all, nobody wants a burt.

    11.) I'd add two new traits. White which is strong against red and green but weak to blue and yellow. Black which is strong against blue and yellow, but weak against red and green. White can use red and green guns, black can use blue and yellow guns.

    12.) I'd also add new trains, red trainers, blue trainers, green, etc. Something simple but new.

    13.) Last but least, I'd be come very active in the community. Start posting, start responding, start watching 999 gaming & JustABox on youtube. Cuz your hard core guys do, and when they see what they say and notice after awhile you guys do nothing about it. Its just a recipe for disaster.

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    Great ideas - but wont happen because: Scopely

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    One trully lovely dream to players...

    Trust me, the game would be much better if Scopely could listen to their costumers, but it seems that our pleads fall upon deaf ears.

  4. 04-21-2017, 04:03 AM

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    Even more suggestions

    1. Ability to log out of one account and into another on a single device

    2. Inner- faction fight pit to see how faction members compare with each other

    3. Faction delivery station for transfering resources, gear, or items between faction members with delivery speeds depending on building level

    4. Reduced wait time for raid and war energy

    5. Have a surrender button that could be pressed during war if generals see there is no hope of winning

    6. A limit on the number of times a faction can finish in top 8 in tournaments for a set time period ... same factions are always winning every tournament and there is no hope for the rest of us

    7. The ability to transfer characters from one region to another if you aren't as active in that first region anymore with a character limit per month

    8. The ability for faction leader to appoint generals during all out war

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brianmorehead75 View Post
    Even more suggestions

    6. A limit on the number of times a faction can finish in top 8 in tournaments for a set time period ... same factions are always winning every tournament and there is no hope for the rest of us
    r u serious?

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    We need a way to see who is on so that way war won't be such a pain to get started. incorporate a online or off line for players. a button to remove inactive players in war. and a ready call button for leaders of faction. for players a ready button as well. and in that war list it will show who is ready and who is not. It would save factions that are starting out the hassle of having to download a chat app. such as kik or discord any how I think that would greatly improve factions. as well as more active players cause if there not there then they get removed from the list. Any how thats my thoughts on improvements

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    plz allow us to use more letters in Chat and Massages......

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    personally if i had to adjust the supply depot i would introduce new slots.

    1 new armory slot, and 1 new maybe ultra gear.

    Spray paints 3k-5k depot points, x2 available.
    duct tape 7k, x1 available. polishing kit 12k

    maybe walkies for 15k. I dunno buying toons only outta the depot costs alot and is sorta boring.
    cans and weapons are very nice the only thing I buy nowadays.
    Seeing spray paints and other armory parts on a rare basis like andrea would be a dream come true!

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    Can yall please add Sasha to the game. She has a huge fan base and alot of players would be greatfull to see her added to the game. Thanks.

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    Also a new building that allows faction members to trade characters and items would be great for level up tournaments and probly make yall some money. Please consider it. Thanks.

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