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Thread: Anyone get both Dwight and Jesus? If not who did you choose and why?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aravhasa View Post
    Got Dwight, already have 2 revives Amy and SR jesus. If LE Jesus had heal all instead of self heal, I might've gotten him but otherwise he'll go down really easy
    If Jesus was Hurt/Heal team he would have been crazy OP

    Quote Originally Posted by Markson View Post
    I'm sad that I chose Dwight, but the reason is I picked up SR Jesus. I think SR Zeek and LE Jesus would've been a better combo
    The difference isn't significant. In order to combine Jesus and Zeke, you would need a rainbow lead, and if you have a good rainbow lead, you are already doing great!

    Zeke has a nice buff, but his lead skill is just ok.

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    Got a comic from war tokens but my first choice was dwight. My server is very blue heavy (even more so with jesus) and he's great against shields. Despite being f2p im among the top 3 factions of my server and most teams i fight run konrad so a shield breaker like dwight is more than welcome.

    Jesus was tempting for his lead for SR though. I just hit legendary and everytime i get this blue only level with stun/impair yellows and reds i cant do it without using dozens kits.

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    I got them both without spending any money

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thewalkingdead View Post
    I got them both without spending any money
    Me too. Damn good feeling isn't?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Gatto View Post
    Me too. Damn good feeling isn't?
    Yep especially when i got nothing for the past couple of free events

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