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Thread: I really enjoyed this war!!!

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    Wink I really enjoyed this war!!!

    I'm not being sarcastic by saying I really enjoyed this war - because I did!

    I used to be a member of a top 2 team in my region but i decided to leave - 50% because of limited time and 50% because of the unimaginative / repeat and useless 5s being the war prizes for 2nd and 3rd. I was hesitating whether to actually tap the leave button or not - I thought perhaps I would be able to keep up with the wars at that level (and members of top teams know very well that they are much more intense than the lower ranked teams ones and are basically constant).

    I decided to join one of the easy going teams that has no specific minimums or requirements and as soon as I saw the prize structure I knew I did the right thing. Already have 2 Bonnies - 1 from winning 1st and the other when she was a repeat prize for 2nd and I got Zeke from one of the wars too. What's the incentive for players to stay in those top 3 teams? Unless you're a whale and are in top 1 faction there isn't anything to keep you going, and even the whales are probably getting fed up with getting prizes they will never use because they are using toons from premier recruits.

    My old faction decided, by the looks of the leaderboard throught the war, to go for 2nd which would mean a 3rd Bonnie to most of the members. Yes, I know, it's a pride issue and the smart move would be to simply drop down and get the 5s tokens. Regardless of that, this is just killing the game and the region.

    I, however, had a great time - played when I could and how much I could, saved myself a tonne of coins by rebuilding only once or twice (old habits), avoided chasing my 3rd Bonnie or trying to avoid my 2nd bad Zeke (which my old faction eventually ended up with) but most importantly i avoided all the stressing about minimums, having 8 on and trying to play when I should/could have been doing other things.

    I also managed to miss out on the feeling of disappointment when the war prizes are being distributed and comparing it to the amount of effort I have put in to the event.

    I couldn't recommend what I've done any more to anyone. Join one of the lower factions and just enjoy the game and real life. Don't waste your weekends on this shit.

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    i enjoyed the war also.
    but i made it 2 first, Amy is very interesting toon.

    I use andrea only so it's nice to see her baby sister!

    This for a change was an exiting prize. The lifesteal is still so strange to be honest lmfao.

    The only downside is war is too eazy with even just 1 tower.... bonus damage is cheated.

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    Agreed, but this reward for 1st was actually a semi good one. I bet most of your teammates have a revive already or, if not, will replace Amy with Jesus either from the depot or this new event. Imagine a head to head war and your team ending up with Bonnie though, or chasing for Bonnie (for some reason unknown to me) and getting Zeke...

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    did not bother to change out my team from the last war. OP towers just makes any attempt at building good synergy amongst your defence teams a mess. Just stuffing red stunners and yellow abs seem to suffice. Which apparently is cheaper and easier to craft from 1* weapons, due to the obscene amount of time that 4* weapons fail to get the abilities.

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    I had a great war too, but kind of the inverse of what you did.

    Had some new players in my faction who were very excited for Amy and they crushed it, we had a blast. New players were loving how many crates they got! LMAO I almost forgot the crate thing. Crates are like, annoying to me now, "sigh something I have to open".

    It's great to see up and coming players who are enthusiastic about war, my favorite game-mode by far.

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