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    Please Welcome Our New Designer, Joe

    Hey there folks!

    I wanted to take a moment to introduce Joe (AKA GigaBoss *Scopely*). Joe has joined the Scopely team as a Senior Designer working for me on the Walking Dead, and he'll be focused on developing new features and improving our content. He comes with a ton of great experience in both mobile and PC games development, and has already been instrumental in making Survival Road a reality.

    I'm extremely excited to have him on the team, and I know he's looking forward to helping you guys out on here, so please give him a warm welcome.

    Dashiel Nemeth Senior Systems Designer, Scopely
    The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

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    Welcome Joe!! Thanks for SR bud

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    Welcome Joe!

    Please get rid of the badly designed 50% War Towers, thanks

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    Hi Joe or Dash or whomever can you please fix the bug mentioned in this thread.

    Really really annoying.

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    A new support member huh, perhaps he can direct me to a way that I can create a new thread.

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    I don't see this thread progessing well within the next two days.

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    I was just playing some Sega CD Emulator Shining force CD.
    And it's actually a trip, going from those low lvl old school graphics.
    I swear everything looked so 3d and detailed when I looked at TWD again.

    I forget how crisp and sharp the game looks.

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    Shining Force was fuckin great. Neither here nor there!

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    Incredible first post Gigaboss, I commend you.

    Can you please do the community a favour and get Dash to specifically explain how War Generals are determined. This is a most important question raised time and time again, in-game support do not know how it works, it also appears other forum staff members are unaware of how it works.

    Dash lied on the forums stating that he 'answers the question' every time it's asked. He has only had one response on the subject which was a complete lie.

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    Hi, folks!

    I'm Joe. I've been making video games for over a decade. Blizzard, Kixeye, King, small personal games, etc.

    Down to business:
    - It's Friday, and it's been a long week. Holiday season. I'm drinking a beer right now; sue me.
    - I did contribute to SR when I first got here, but obviously gotta give maximum credit to the dudes and gals who were here working on it before my arrival. Credit where credit is due.
    - I give a damn about every community.

    Meaningful stuff that you probably care more about than who I am or what I'm about:
    - I noticed the reports of debuffs lasting longer than intended earlier to day on these forums (thank you very much for calling that out!) The issue is being escalated internally so we can get it fixed as fast as possible. That one is pretty damn bad.
    - With regards to balance in general (War, characters, Survival Road/Territories, and upcoming features [ooooo!]), that will be among my focuses moving forward. I want to make sure I completely understand the experience that already exists before I risk messing it up for anyone, you know what I mean?

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