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  1. General, Always General

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    Its honestly ridiculous that this same question has been asked for months, and no one from Scopely will help out.

    What on earth is helpful about them withholding game rules?

    It just adds to the confusion.

    To answer your question, I also believe its the added autofill stats for the top 5 toons of each general.
    That's not true! I've addressed this question every month since I started.

    Generals are picked based on who has the
  2. Complete specials list 100% complete...with scopely bugs

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    I would love to know this too. The sooner the better!

    P.S. Stun on attack green weapon also does not work on AR rush.
    On attack effects are not intended to work with ARs (they'd be brokenly good with multi-target rushes). Only effects which trigger on a kill are expected to work with rushes.

    As for the various bugs, we'll get as many of those fixes into 2.8 as possible, but I can't say at this point what will and won't be in there.
  3. Prestige system needs a safeguard.

    It's awesome that we can send our prestige rewards to whatever region we want, but we really need a safeguard that will prevent us from accidentally sending the upgrade gear to the wrong region. Someone will make a mistake (and I hope it's not me) and they'll have 5* Michonne in one region but the gear needed to T2 her in another region.

    And yep, someone has already done it on a lesser scale with Negan, not Michonne, so not quite as painful. But there should be a safeguard in there. ...
  4. 5 star rewards for faction raid tourneys and why it would benefit us all

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    I think many of us have identified the threat to the future of this game is the dominance of the top factions which will eventually, if it hasn't already, lead to boredom amongst all players and a gradual drifting away. The solution to this is to find a way to reward other factions in the game in a fair way to make them more competitive. Greater competition equals greater participation equals higher spending - seems fairly simple!
    So the question is - how do we potentially reward the lower
  5. War Rewards?

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